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is set tonight at the democratic national convention. where president obama set to take the stage within the hour for his acceptance speech. happening now we'll give you a live look at the convention hall in charlotte north carolina. vice president joe biden is expected to conclude his speech in just minutes. president obama is expect to speak in about fifteen minutes. two hours ago former arizona congress woman gabrielle recited an emotional pledge of allegiance. craig has a look at the day's other highlights. >> reporter: a celebratory tone. the delegates were mindful of the job they're here today. >> it's my great honor to place into nomination for the office of vice president of the united states, my father, my hero, joe biden. >> other key speakers tonight. caroline kennedy, the daughter of former president john. if kennedy. >> over the past four years we've had a president that's committed himself and administration the values that made america break. >> 2004 presidential nominee john carry. >> mitt romney doesn't know about foreign policy. but he has all these neocon advisors who
, then i need your vote. >>> president obama urges the president's voters to stay the course. good evening everyone i'm frank vascellaro. >> and i'm julie haener. his election four years ago made history but a slow recovery from the recession makes reelection anything but certain. today president barack obama made his case for a second term. we have team coverage. amber lee followed today's speech. but we begin with ken pritchett, inside the national convention where the president said times have changed but so have i have. >> reporter: we heard a lot of things that could be more rousy, more aimed at getting a reaction but the message was what we were looking for. the president says his plan restructure it is middle class but that it takes time. >> you elected me for the truth. and the truth is it will take more than a few years to fix challenges that have built over decades. >> reporter: republicans at their convention talked about america's problems not about how to fix those problems. >> all they had to offer was the same prescriptions they've had for the last 30 years. have a surplus?
for president obama's acceptance speak tomorrow. >> gasia, good evening to you. a huge change in venue for president obama. he was to accept the nomination bank of america stadium. he will now accept his nomination and make acceptance speech here in the time warner arena. major major change in size but now all eyes are on the stage. they're waiting for president bill clinton to place president obama's name into nomination but before he begins his speech tonight there's been a long list of high-profile democrats firing up this crowd. >> we are people of hope, mr. president. come on. come on. . >> democratic leaders also strongly criticized republican presidential nominee mitt romney. >> we know mitt romney never met a tax day that he didn't like, but his new favorite tax payment is not the cayman islands. it's paul ryan's budget. >> president obama arrived in charlotte earlier today. his acceptance speech was originally planned to be held outdoors at bank of america stadium thushz night, but today the dnc moved the addressed in to the part-time warner cable arena because of possible thu
nationwide indicated an exclusive new says president obama made a considerable leap over mitt romney here in california. the voters now say they will vote for president obama. 34 percent of supporting republican opponents and now romney is at the center of a new controversy over comments made back in mae. what romney said and how the white house is responding. >> the young at a florida fundraiser were posted on the web site of liberal magazine mother jones. you can't hear all the questions asked of the candidates, but you can hear answer like this one about obama's supporters. >> there are 47% to have people who will vote for the president no matter what. there are 47% who are with him who believe that they are victims who mrooef the fwovt has responsibility to care for them. >> the obama campaign seized on the story. >> when you're president of the united states, you are president of all the people, not just the people who voted for you. you've heard the president say so many times because he deeply believes it that we're in this together, all of us. >> late monday night romney told repo
tails on his 2011 tax returns. his affected tax rate was 14%. the obama campaign opened some new offices today in san francisco and oakland. our reporter live. >> mitt romney passed by here just a little more than a half hour ago. you can see police in the secret service outside the area where he was attending the $50,000 a plate fundraiser. he was greated by protester who want president obama in office. >> reporter: as protesters staked third ground in the neighborhood of president republican their fellow democrats had a little work party. >> i'm so pumped. i'm like a political junkie. and this is my drug of choice. >> reporter: organize for america campaign office opened in san francisco today. >> this space is decked in red and white with an emphasis on blue. >> and staffed with democratic volunteer. >> outreach is big part of what we do >> reporter: dread toy rush -- ready to stick by president obama. ed lee helped kick off the campaign volunteer office grand opening. >> i'm calling you because i know you've been a supporter. >> reporter: the phone bank started before the place real
. >>> michelle obama took center stage tonight as the democratic national convention opened in charlotte south carolina. the first lady praised her husband saying he's the man to trust to revive this nation's economy. ktvu's ken pritchett live at the convention hall to tell us about that and also the one person she never mentioned. ken-- >> reporter: well frank we didn't talk to a delegate today who wasn't excited about the prospect of hearing from michelle obama tonight. she talked about family, the presidency and took what could be seen as a not so subtle swipes at the opposition. first lady michelle obama entered to cheers and an arena full of delegates on their feet and an enthusiasm that endured through her speech. she says the enthusiasm has not changed for her husband. >> barack obama is still the same man i fell in love with all those years ago. >> reporter: she talked of their family scrapping to mange ends meet and as a young couple paying for college. >> we were so young, so in love. and so in debt. and that's why barack has fought so hard to increase student aid and keep interest r
that president barack obama is good at giving speeches but quote really bad at creating jobs. the job unemployment rate is the highest in the nation. he will head to danville for a fund-raising breakfast at the home of brent jones. >>> a small newspaper got the inside scoop about clint eastwood's speech one week ago. the 82-year-old actor/director says his words were unscripted. he said that the romney cast asked to see the speech. he said quote you can not do that with me because i don't know what to say. the idea of talking to a chair representing barack obama came to him backstage when someone asked eastwood if he wanted to sit down. >>> president barack obama and mitt romney all of the talk, about jobs. the changes east contender pushed to change the outlook. >>> residents in a shopping district are taking their battle online in an effort to stop a new megasuper market. but the new project is well passed the planning stage. >> residents what do they think about the safe way? many will admit this half century old grocery store looks dated. >> there is no doubt this facility could u
's game ending by replacement? even president obama is joining. . >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. . >>> it is tuesday, september 25th. hello, everyone. i'm heather hol mings in tonight for gasia. this is bay area news at 7:00. comcast announced today it is closing its three california call centers and moving those jobs out of state. it is our top story tonight at 7:00. dayna is live now in livermore with a number of lay offs happening here in the bay area. >> heather here tat california headquarters there is a tech support center and administration building. they obtained the lay offs show more than 800 bay area jobs will be gone. >> comcast workers learned about it this morning. the company announced it will close its three california call centers by the end of the year eliminating more than 300 jobs for morgan hill, more than 400 in livermore. cam cast calls the total impact more than 1,000 california employees from front line customer service agents and tech support up to managers. for many workers, closures came as a shock. >> i
. president obama is bolling green focussing on middle class voters. >> when my opponent said we should just let detroit go bankrupt. don't move. folks, that -- that -- that would have meant walking away from an industry that supports one in eight ohio jobs. >> the difference between me and president obama is i know what to do, and i will do what it takes to get this economy going. >> ohio voters say the economy matters to them. romney argues his business experience makes him the best choice, but latest polls suggest voters think mr. obama would do a better job. a cnn average of four recent ohio polls found 51% of voters support president obama. 44% favor mitt romney. one of romney's events wednesday was a manufacturing round table with business leaders and tv host micro. he's a man known for taking on tough jobs. in ohio he's overshadowed by the two other men that's even tougher. in washington i'm emily smith. >>> and for some more numbers, campaigned two on university poll says president obama was wide lead over mitt romney in the swing states of ohio, florida, and pennsylvania. in this ca
obama deserves another term. ktvu's ken pritchett tells us what happened at the end of clinton's speech that really brought down the house. ken? >> reporter: president clinton used his own experience as president describing how he started with the poor economy, and ended with one that was skyrocketing, suggesting that the current economy could do the same if president obama is reelected. president bill clinton, welcomed like a rock star, energized this crowd like no other. his was a presidency that started with economic problems. but he said mr. obama's situation was worse. >> no president, not me, not any of my predecessors, no one could have fully repaired all the damage that he found in just four years. >> reporter: mr. clinton focused on the economy with harsh criticism of republican economics woven in. >> the republican argument against the president reelection was actually pretty simple. we left him a total mess. he hasn't cleaned it up fast enough, so fire him and put us back in. >> reporter: he said they're fighting job growth. >> the republicans balked the president's jobs plan
in april. medical marijuana advocates blasted president obama saying he broke a commitment to respect state law. >> president obama alook a -- along with the rest of them are attacking us. >> reporter: do you smoke marijuana? >> i certainly do. i have a prescription. and absolutely i do smoke marijuana and i have for several years for most of my life as a matter of fact at this point. >> reporter: rosanne's running meat, cindy sheehan. they hope they can get more people registered to the freedom party. eric rasmussen. >>> in eight minutes tonight, voters lined up to cast their ballots. the voting that is already under way in some states as president oe obama and mitt romney try to hammer home their message. >>> police seize marijuana plants during a massive raid. almost every home in the neighborhood was involved in growing the marijuana. police descended on that neighborhood yesterday. the marijuana plants have an estimated street value of more than 2-1/2 million dollars. they say agents arrested 15 people on a variety of drug related charges. >>> authorities say they have three suspects
swing at this hour and tonight's headline speaker is michelle obama. other heavy hitters. craig. >> gasia, good evening to you. on stage right now maryland governor firing up this crowd. he's going to be introducing in just a few moments the keynote speaker for tonight, the san antonio mayor. it's going to be an electrifying moment for them. everyone here ready and waiting for the headlining event of this night, first lady michelle obama as the democratic national convention kicks into overdrive really on its very first night. >> the 45th national convention of the democratic party will now come to order. . >> first lady michelle obama is taking the prime time spotlight on the opening night, but ahead of her speech, several prominent democrats are firing up the crowd. >> being asked to pay your fair share isn't class war fair. it's patriotism. >> mitt romney says we should take his word that he's paid his fair share. his word? his word? trust comes from transparency, and mitt romney comes up short on both. >> democrats adopted a party's platform that calls for higher taxes on th
offends so many muslims. in afghanistan burned the u.s. flag and images of president obama. in pakistan the prime minister ordered the suspension of you tube. and in lebanon, thousands protested with the leader. some bay area muslim leaders say the moderate majority should speak peace, reflection and deeper level of understanding. >> so i think it's important for us to see that the extremists do not represent the totality of those committed and those who have put this video out, this film that is despicable, do not represent the best ideas of the american society. >> those at tonight's vigil hope to continue ambassador steven's mission. >> i just want to make sure they know that there's other people out there that respected his work. >> to be dedicated to public service for an entire career, that's the highest calling that a lawyer can have. >> tonight at this vigil, people will be hearing from stevens former professors and classmates as well as some of the students and many of them just hoping to continue his mission of peace through words not violence. . >>> a bomb shell today in san
festival featuring james taylor. an event called carolina fest that drew a sea of obama supporters. >> what's exciting is to see the energy grow and grow and grow because this is going to be a hard risk. >> reporter: robins is with the carolina convention that before the carolina fest threw a celebration of its own celebrating nancy pelosi's service. >> you have seen president obama's agenda we cannot afford that for another two years. >> reporter: pelosi is here to fire up the bay. she's joined by national states and local democratic leaders. >> so yes it's localizing the base not just for california. we in oakland do a lot of phone banking for the rest of the country. >> reporter: for pelosi this election is more than about a president it's about getting democrats to the poll to win back a house majority, they are 25 seats short. >> we think the drive for 25 is a doable one. we think that california is essential to it. >> reporter: as thousands of people celebrated away from the convention floor this afternoon. first lady michelle obama walked the stage at time warner cable arena preparin
for several hours. president obama traveled to fort bliss texas today to mark two years since the ends of major combat. he also applauded all the troops still in combat. >> two years ago i told you we would keep up the fight in afghanistan. i know some of you recently got back. on behalf of a grateful nation welcome home. >> reporter: the president also talked about the victims of hurricane isaac and said the federal government will do everything it can for them. the president also plans to visit the gulf coast on mondays. >>> the republicans had their week now it is the democrats turn as they hope to motivate voters to reelect president obama. ktvu's amber lee is live now in oakland. she talked with a father- daughter delegate team headed out tomorrow for north carolina. >> reporter: tonight we spoke with an analyst who says they expect the atmosphere from this year's convention to be better than two years ago. harpete sandu and 27-year-old daughter tanisia are packing for their trip to the democratic convention. >> you get to wear all your buttons. >> reporter: sandu showed us butt
of tourists taking pictures of the stand sculpture of president obama made from sand brought in from the beach. >> the point is we don't have an option to vote for change. >> reporter: at a park close to downtown that -- charlotte they gathered. >> the problem is these parties don't represent us. >> they represent corporations not the people. >> reporter: their numbers were relatively low, less than a thousand and their march mostly unevidentful as they were surrounded by a very visible and constant police presence downtown. >> tight, very tight. you can't go one block and not see several security officers. >> reporter: charlotte resident ballard says this city has been waiting years for this week. >> it's unbelievable. it's spectating because you know we host a lot of events in the city of charlotte but this, this tops it. >> reporter: the first two days of the convention will be held at time warner cable arena, the stage is set. this is will first lady michelle obama and president clinton will speak. >> hearing obama talk thursday night and seeing that stadium full of 74,000 people. >> repo
on the presidential campaign trail as president obama and mitt romney battle it [ female announcer ] you want family dinner to be special. dad, we want pizza. you guys said tacos. [ female announcer ] it doesn't always work out that way. you know what? we're spending too much money on eating out anyway. honey, come look at this. [ female announcer ] my money map from wells fargo is a free online tool that helps you track your spending. so instead of having to deal with a tight budget, you could have a tighter family. ♪ wells fargo. together we'll go far. >>> firefighters say they are making progress in controlling a fire that's destroyed five homes and seven out buildings. still threatening homes and commercial properties tonight. it's 58% contained. 40,000 take aircraft acres have burned. >>> a fast moving fire consumed two houses in concord. it started early this morning. the victims were lucky to get out safely. >> reporter: from a block away you could see a tower of smoke blowing from the rooftops on this residential street. the fire started after 2:00 a.m. in the garage of the home on the le
of one controversial documentary is trying to making sure president obama's first term is his last. ">>>conservative author turned film maker -- diniseh d'sousa -- is trying to get you to vote republican...with this new documentary called 2012 obama's america... so far, the film has earned 20-million dollars -- one of the highest grossing documentaries in history. political science professor melinda jackson says the documentary plays on voters' fears. "melinda jackson says: i think that one of the main themes is that we cant trust president obama that he is an outsider and that he doesn't share american values and the message of the movie it is trying to raise some fears about president obamas trust worthiness and his legitimacy as president." the chairman of the santa clara county democratic party has some choice words for the film.s steve preminger says: from what i saw it looks like a horrible piece of garbage its is the ugliest propaganda and is trying to influance people that do not pay any attention nothing that i saw in the clips had any base in reality no factual points wer
. earlier this evening my which he will obama came out on to the stage and got a feel for where things were get ago good feel for the arena here, getting a good view of the stage, good view of where all the delegations are seated. just down from where i'm speaking to you right now, as you mentioned president obama making his way to charlotte visiting a number of key battleground states including tonight louisiana. >> we are getting on the case very quickly figuring out what exactly happened here, what can we do to make sure that it doesn't happen again. >> earlier the president spent labor day meeting with union workers in the key swing state of ohio. >> i served with american workers. i served with american manufacturing. i believed in you. i bet on you. i'll make that bet any day of the week. >> first lady michelle obama is already in charlotte this afternoon checking out the stage at the time warner cable arena ahead of her big speech tomorrow night. on the eve of the convention, democratic delegates all across the country are optimistic. >> we're here just to rally him and support him a
of stevens' parents. they will be flying to washington, d.c. tomorrow. >>> president obama is vowing that justice will be done in the aftermath of the deadly attack in benghazi. as emily reports, the events of the day triggered not only condemnation, but a political row. >> reporter: there was a range of statements, from symbolic to severe. >> the united states condemns in the strongest terms this outrageous and shocking attack. >> reporter: the sentiment crossed party lines. >> i join my colleagues in strongly condemning the murder of these innocent americans. >> reporter: ambassador stevens was killed in a rocket attack at the u.s. consulate on tuesday, the same day that the u.s. embassy in egypt was attacked. libya said the crowd was angered by an online movie considered offensive to islam. >> we apologize to the u.s. and to the american people and to the government and also to the rest of the world for what happened yesterday. >> reporter: president obama says the attack will not break the bonds between the u.s. and libya, though he underscored the seriousness of the situation. >
several hours. president obama is set to visit on monday >>> clint east -- wood's appearance starked a new phrase, eastwooding. today people took to twitter to take pictures of empty chairs. . >>> president obama marks the two year anniversary of the end of the iraq war by visiting troops in texas. >> thank toss the courage of our forces bin la din will never threaten the united states of america. >> the president thanked the soldiers for serving their country. he hits the campaign trail this weekend in iowa then head toss the democratic national convention. ken pritchett will bring us live reports from the convention >>> the price of oil jumped today after a federal reserve chairman suggested that the fed could take action to help stimulate the economy. with interest rates already at record lows and possibly going lower investors are looking for profits in the oil market. the do you added ninety points. traders also liked news from europe of ways to stabilize the price there. >>> shares of facebook hit a new low today. shares of the net work site closed at 18.50. today two broke
's blood alcohol level could dissipate while police try to obtain that warrant. >>> president obama spoke at the united nations general assembly. he addressed several issues critical at home and across the globe. the president denounced the anti muslim video that sparked protest worldwide as well as the reaction. and he specifically spoke on the attack on the embassy and the attack of four americans. >> nuclear weapons in iran will not be easy to contain. >> reporter: president obama said there is still time and space to resolve the iran issue throughdiplomacy but he went on to say the time is not unlimited. >>> how the president's speech addressed claims advanced by mitt romney. and each candidate's weakness just six weeks to election day. >>> well it's no longer just a sports story. the lock out of nfl referees has now captured the attention of presidents both current and former. plus labor groups are also weighing in. they said that the dispute highlight it is need for qualified workers. matt keller live in campbell and he tells us folks there are still talking about that confusing con
on parol for bank fraud. >>> president obama will speak to the united nations on tuesday denouncing the death of u.s. ambassor to libya. >>> democrats opened a new campaign office in san francisco today with the help of house minority leader nancy pelosi. the congresswoman rallied workers to get out the vote and re-elect president obama. as for congress, pelosi predicted that california democrats to cake back as many as sich seats in the house from republicans. >> we have the chance to increase your numbers in order to win the majority, but to do it it in a beautifully diverse way that makes california such a very special place and improve what congress is about. >> pelosi called for the passage of governor brown's initiative, proposition 30 and to defeat proposition 32. it would end paycheck deductions for campaigns. >>> peanut butter under recall, the popular brands now linked to dozens of salmonella cases. >>> also another ca . >>> in election 2012 news republican presidential hopeful mitt romney talks about helping the middle-class and the poor at a fund-raiser stomp in san di
, biden talked about social security, medicare, and president obama's plan to end the war in afghanistan. >>> early voting is under way in virginia. the state allows certain voters to begin casting ballots as early as 45 days ahead of an election. volunteers from both the obama and romney camps have been canvassing neighborhoods hoping to attract those early voters. >>> in his weekly internet address, president obama blasted republicans in congress for blasting a vote to help homeowners refinance their mortgages. >> but republicans in congress work to keep it from even getting to a vote. and here we are seven months later still waiting on congress to act. >> mr. obama says the plan would save many homeowners on average $3,000 a year on their mortgages. >>> governor jerry brown today said he had vetoed a bill that would have banned disrupting cell phone service without a court order. the bill was authored in the wake of a decision by b.a.r.t. last year to cut cell phone service in an effort to disrupt a planned protest. brown says that the bill could quote divert attention away from a tru
, the barack obama administration advised congress dispatched marine units: and the somber homecoming of those killed. >> reporter: as conflict continues, the bodies of those killed in libya, including the ambassador arrived back home. >> four americans, four patriots, they loved this country and they chose to serve it and served it will. >> reporter: u.s. embassies and diplomatic posts throughout the region stayed at heightened alert for muslim's holy day amid continued protests and in the wakes of the killing of ambassadors christopher stevens and three others on an a tack at the consulate on tuesday. a battle continued for a 4th day in cairo. and indonesia, clouds of black smoke were seen as they storm the gate at the embassy. >> reporter: friday's demonstrations were not confined to the middle east. this was the scene outside of the american embassy. the protest seen in part of a movie trailer produced in the u.s. angered muslims for the unflattering portrayal of the mohammed. word of the video spread across the region rapidly. the scope of which stunned the u.s. diplomatic community. t
undecided. >>> mitt romney campaigned in colorado today where he krit sides president obama over an interview on last night's 60 minutes program. in the interview the president suggest it had violence anti marriage program overseas represented bumps in the road. >> these are not bumps in the road. these are human lives. these are developments. this is time for a president who will shake events in the middle east not just be merciful or be in mercy of the events in the middle east. >> the obama campaign issued a statement shortly after romney's comments saying romney purposely misinterpreted the president's words and politicized an international crisis to help the campaign. >> the president is also being criticized. tomorrow's meeting of the united nation's general assembly but interview on the view today meeting with other heads of state. white house the president's schedule saying he also speaks to world leaders by phone and still have formal opportunities to connect in new york. >>> more than 200 workers rallied on the steps of the capitol building today urging governor brown t
. >> and then things go wrong. >> oh! >>> and it's romney versus obama. but we're not talking political views. >> i think maybe people could determine who they want to vote for based on who looks less creepy with a tiny face. >> that's right. who looks less >>> it's best of "rtm" time on this monday where we telling awe bonus videos we have on your website. beth what doou got? >> submitted fro membe name the zachary. >> and he's autistic. >> spent his entire summer creating this animated between cat and dog. so well done. >> impressive. you might remember back in june somebody create add miami zombie attack prank video. >> i remember that. >> well, our friends from empire remade it. appears as though zombies are in columbus as well. zombies, head over to the website and click -- >> best of "rtm." >>> when the weather's hot outside you have to be real careful when you take your dog with you, let's say to a festival. seems that somebody was at a street fair of some type when they took their dog and their dog clearly got into a little trouble here. >> oh, man. what's wrong with him? >> that dog, she c
and consulate premises in multiple locations. >> reporter: president obama promised justice for those who killed u.s. ambassador to libya stevens and three other americans at the consulate. >> there is no never justification for violence and no religion that condones the targeting of innocent men and women and so long as i am commander-in-chiefing the united states will not toll rate efforts to harm our fellow americans. >> reporter: some say tuesday's attack was planned. >> it was deliberate and preplanned attack. i was given enough details about this by witnesses. >> reporter: u.s. officials say they have no evidence that the attack was pre-mediated, but as calm appeared to be restored in downtown cairo saturday, the scene of the first protest gives hope that other demonstrations will follow suit. christiana mutch channel 2 ler ktvu channel 2 news. >>> now a mission to secure the embassy is in jeopardy. u.s. said yesterday it was sending in an elite team of marines, but today the sudanese government is now holding up that mission. u.s. officials did not elaborate on the objections. >>> the s
. governor obama and president obama were invited to speak. the governor showed up in person. >> i'm convinced that the republican party is the rightful home of hispanic americans. >> reporter: at a time that gop trails among latino voters. both talked about things like immigration. >> candidate obama said that one of his highest priorities would be to fix immigration in his first year in office. the president never even offered up a bill. >> reporter: this election is a choice between immigration policies and views laws like arizona as a model for the nation, or argue that america is stronger when we benefit from a great diversity of talent and ingenuity. >> i want mitt romney to see that wealth doesn't mean success. >> i want him to understand that it's my body he should trust me enough that i can make the right decision for them. >> reporter: he probably did not end up seeing them, he ended uptaking a different rout. hal eisner, ktvu news. >>> president obama spent the day campaigning in the battleground state of ohio. >> i wake up every day thinking about american workers and t
. president obama has about $88 million available to spend in the 6-1/2 weeks before the november election. romney has 50 million on hand but he also needs to repay $15 million that he borrowed on a campaign loan. >>> newly released census totals are showing that 6.1 million people are living in poverty. the median income has also fallen. >>> san francisco website truilia had its ipo and it got off to a pretty good start. executives rang the bell. it offers listings on homes. trulia shares were priced at $28. >>> the broader markets ended the day mixed. the dow was up 18 points but the nasdaq was down six. traders contemplated reports that suggest u.s. economic recovery continues to be slugish. >>> built to keep out bears but not mice. how yosemite officials are working to keep the hanta virus away from visitors. >>> and the best places to catch a spectacular view of the shuttle endeavour >>> new at 10:00, growing lines outside of a lot of apple stores as people anticipate the launch of the new iphone 5. maureen naylor is there, and has on the person who got there monday to get in line. >>
. president obama's once narrow lead over mitt romney has now widened considerably. in ohio, the president has moved out to a 10 point lead. ohio is traditional been key to any republican presidential victory. in florida, which is another crucial state for the gop, the president is now up by 9 points. in pennsylvania, the president is ahead by 12 points. the polls were conducted in the past week for the "new york times" and cbs news. what's caused this surge in the polls and why does the president seem to be pulling away? ktvu's ken wayne is live in san francisco with some answers to that, and also why this first debate next week is so critical. >> reporter: frank issue number 1 is the economy. many americans believe it's heading in the right direction. mitt romney has been relentlessly pounding president obama about the economy. he did it again today in ohio. >> i don't believe we can afford four more years like the past four years. >> maybe they haven't been happy the last four years. maybe they were disappointed with obama, but generally, they think we're on the right path. >> reporter: we
on the florida campaign trail. president obama was swept off his feet. he received a gushing greeting while visiting in florida. >>> the president is expressing his condolences after a police officer in his florida motorcade was killed in a crash. the palm beach sheriff's office says the officer was setting up the motorcade when he was struck by a pickup truck. so far no charges have been filed against the driver. >>> president obama will make one last pitch here in the bay area. according to the san francisco chronicle. the president will appear at an event in san francisco on october 8th. and he'll need the cash. mitt romney can now tap millions. total tv ad spending for both sides is expected to top a billion dollars. >>> the campaigns have now agreed to four debates. on october 4th in denver, president obama and governor romney will debate. then october 11, vice president joe biden and paul ryan will debate in kentucky. a final debate on foreign policy will be happening on october 22nd in florida. >>> breast cancer survivors were among thousands of people who participated in the susan g
at democratic convention. >>> president obama made a stop in the key state of florida as he goes into campaign mode. mr. obama didn't mention this week's jobs report but did say his economic recovery efforts have created jobs. later the president made an unexpected stop at a sports bar. >> a new poll shows that the president is indeed enjoying a post convention bounce. he widened his lead with 49% saying they would vote for the president if the election was held today. that compares to 45% for romney. the 49% for president obama is his highest point in the survey since april. >>> promoting peace. coming up, governor jerry brown signs a bill into law that aims to protect specific groups from workplace discrimination. >> a big crowd turned out to watch oakland's own andre ward defend his wbcwba super middle weight title tonight. sales were brisk. ward was facing off against bad chad dawson. people were snapping up hats and t-shirt before the fight. they came to see ward, considered by many one of the best pound for pound fighters. coming up, all the highlights from tonight's title fight. >> a ba
. and an exclusive new ktvu field poll that suggests president obama should have no trouble winning california this november. even though the polls show a close race nationwide, here in california the president has a wide lead. 58% of likely voters now say they will vote for the president. while 34% say they're supporting republican challenger mitt romney. >>> election day is just seven weeks away, tonight mitt romney remains on the defensive after a video emerged where he tells a room of republican supporters that nearly half of all americans believe they are victims and are dependent on the government. reporter jim acosta has more on the controversy and what was being said today. >> reporter: for mitt romney it's pressure cooker time. the hidden camera footage reported at a fundraiser of a home at a wealthy financier has him backing up on defense. >> 47% of americans pay no income tax. >> reporter: romney is asking no apology for his comments on the video that dismiss president obama supporters on unreachable because he says they are hooked on government assistance. >> 47% who are with him t
passed by more than a dozen obama supporters greeted him with signs. >> soothe knows we are here and protesting what he stands for. >> reporter: i did speak to some guests tonight after the event they said that romney spoke for about 20 minutes and there were about as many as 1,000 guests who attended. reporting live. . and ahead at 10:30 the numbers many have waited for. romney's new tax returns. >> the obama campaign is also at work. it opened new offices today in san francisco and oakland where volunteers quickly got to work. san francisco mayor helped quickest grand opening of the organize former campaign office on market street. volunteers started making phone calls to swing states even before the place officially opened. >> i'm so pumped. i'm a political junkie and this is my drug of choice. >> reporter: some of the volunteers told us that this is actually their second time helping out. they say they volunteered four years ago. >> the ncaa investigating the saint mary's basketball program. a spokesman said that the school in the ncaa have been working cooperatively on a
for feedback on how to improve models. >> in election 2012 news tonight, mitt romney and president obama subscribe their different visions for the economy. >> don't build these massive deficits that pass debt on to our kids. rebuild the foundations with great homes, great schools. entrepreneurship and innovation. keep government as a facilitator as freedom in america. don't have government take away the rights and the freedoms of the american people. >> romney told cbs news his campaign does not need to turn around. the videotape which he calls 47% of americans tax avoiders. the gop nominee rallied a crowd and will take a bus tour to ohio this week. president obama defended the economic progress so far. >> has what we've done worked? and the fact of the matter is what we've done has been effective in improving the situation in every area that we're talking about. when i made a decision to save the auto industry, that saved a million jobs. >> the president told cbs news he expects to work successfully with congress after the election. sticking with presidential business during the next fe
to our election 2012 coverage, for the second time in many days president obama and republican mitt romney were campaigning in the same state. yesterday it was ohio. today both spent time in virginia where the economy remains a dominant issue. >> our economy needs to be reinvigorated, and the president has laid out his plan. it's a continuation of the old plan. we can't afford four more years of the last four years. all right. >> romney also making while reaching out to veterans and service members. >> my opponent thinks it's fair for somebody who makes $20 million a year like him pays a lower rate than a cop or a teacher who makes 50,000. >> president obama was in virginia beach. he also talked to veterans and service members who spent 40 days now left for the election both candidates are spending the bulk of their time campaigning in swing states. >>> the california transportation commission today allocated $40 million caltrain to modernize track and eventually integrate into california's high speed rail project. the money will go toward a new high-tech signal system that prevents
victory in pennsylvania. >> i've got a secret and that obama campaign thinks that pennsylvania is in their pocket, they don't have to worry about it and you're right and they are wrong. >> reporter: recent polls in pennsylvania show romney trailing by more than 10 points in some polls. the nominee blasted president obama. tonight the president was in washington speaking about the economy. >> the question right now is whose plan is going to keep us moving forward. you guys are a little biased. >> all of this comes as the university of denver is getting ready for the first presidential debate. the two will face off wednesday evening from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 our time. the election is still more than a month away but coming up in 13 minutes why it's almost too late to reach some voters. >>> cellcell phones using google or android are in danger of being wiped clean. it can happen when opening a website -- the problem requires a software update in order to fix it. >>> apple ceo is apologizing for mapping in the phone. john reports on what frustrated customers can do to bypass the probl
with africa. his last previous incident was in afghanistan. >>> at an appearance in las vegas, president obama said the united states will be relentless in tracking down the militants responsible for the attack on the consulate. he is vowing that they will be brought to justice. ken wayne is here now with one working theory about the motive, and how the u.s. is responding. >> two navy destroyers have been deployed to the coast of libya. it arrived today. amend the uss mcfall, coming from the strait of gibralter. the missiles travel about 550 miles per hour, and are equipped with gps for pinpoint accuracy. it is just one of the moves the united states has made in response to the killings of benghazi. >> reporter: earlier, he vowed those responsible will be found. >> we will not waiver in our commitment to see that justice is done for this terrible act. and make no mistake, justice will be done. >> how could this be done in a country we helped liberate, in a city we helped save from destruction? this question reflects just how complicated and at times, how confounding the world can be. >> we are
are dominating the debate. republican nominee mitt romney toned down his are remarks about president obama today. but kept up other criticism. each man tried to portray himself as the right leader for difficult timeless. >> as we watch the world today, sometimes it seems that we're at the mercy of events instead of shaping events. and a strong america is important to shape events. >> i want people around the world to hear me to all those who would do it harm, no act of terror will go unpunished. >> the president and mitt romney are scheduled to debate foreign policy on october 22nd. two weeks before the election. >>> and the new cnn poll asked register voters if they are better off now than four years ago. 44% said they are worse off and 37% said their financial situation is better now. a majority of those surveyed believe next year will be better. as for responsibility, 57% blame the policies of former president bush. and 35% blame president obama. >>> new details tonight on the death of elderly twin sisters who were found inside their home in south lake tahoe back in february. the el dorado sh
you to the observants at ground zero and how it differed from years past. >> and how president obama and mitt romney addressed americans today. >> this is a crazy place to grow up. >> also the problem that forced officers to go back to school in an undercover operation. >> mark zuckerberg speaks. his response to rising criticism about the future of >>> new at 10:00, drivers that use the san mateo bridge will have to find another way to get across the bridge next month. the bridge will be closed for up to two weekends for seismic retrofit work. ken wayne is live with what caltrans plans to do. >> reporter: caltrans says it hopes to have those seismic upgrades done in just one weekend of work on the san mateo bridge. but just in case, it's warning motorists to be prepared for the bridge to be closed two weekends next month. 16million vehicles a year cross the san mateo hayward bridge. caltrans says it will close the bridge the weekend of october 19th and possibly the following weekend to complete seismic upgrades. >> we're just trumping everything. we decided to have that second weeken
chambers during a break and then voted on it. >> the obama administration said that it'll spend $55 million on a new campaign to prevent suicides. the focus will be on military veterans. the veteran affairs department said there are about 48 attempts a day by veterans. social media is also being used to help young people. facebook has a feature linking disstressed users to counselors. >>> many websites served by go weren't getting anywhere today. an outage affected thousands and possibly millions of websites for about four hours. there was at least one claim of responsibility by someone linked to a hacker group but that wasn't confirmed. go daddy serves mostly small businesses. >>> and reminder that the new ktvu i-pad app is the app store. you with watch all the newscast lives. >> extra police patrols when children walk to and from school. the incident in one east bay city that is prompting these precautions. >> i'm back here in just a couple. we are looking at fog right now that's tracking along . >>> thousands of public schoolteachers in chicago cut class today to walk
obama's record and promoting romney's business skills. >>> meantime mitt romney flew to los angeles tonight for a speech tomorrow to the u.s. hispanic chamber of commerce. he cancelled his campaign visit to pueblo colorado today after a small plane crash there. his campaign said he did not want to interfere with the investigation. instead the former governor stayed in massachusetts to prepare for the upcoming presidential debates. >>> politics came to the pulpit in san francisco this sunday with a visit from the head of the nation's largest civil rights organization. john sasaki tells us about the naacp's sermon. >> reporter: the city of refuge south of market welcomed a special guest. benjamin nellis joined the congregation to mark a somber event. >> four black girls were killed in birmingham as their families and community were fighting to vote. >> in terms of the intersections of our civil rights as people of color, our civil rights as women, our civil rights as transgender people. >> reporter: we met one on one with justice. >> free up millions of the dollars to actually invest
, has been for the past two and a half years but it wants one more thing. >> they want obama support of the pandas. they would seriously consider. >> reporter: but that is not enough. he said the president wants a promise. >> that's where the stalemate is that we are both waiting. >> reporter: with the election coming up time to complete the deal may be running out. he doesn't want the baboons to get the to comfortable. he thinks in the next few months if he can get the president's support the group will have to move. in oakland. >> members of the a homeless camp were ready to be cleared out but it never happened. when we were at 4th and king street they had packed up some things. the salvation army was ready to provide help but no homeless turned own. about eight to 16 camp there. >> discover is about to refund $200 million to its credit card customers. regulators say the customers were sold payment protection plans without their consent. in some cases call center agents would say they would be enrolled after reviewing printed material that never arrived. they setted without admi
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